You Say

You Say   My beautiful smile makes spring appear out of nowhere, Never My eyes sparkle like the sea on a full moon night, Never My voice, a little sharp, tickles unwonted dreams Never The way I look at you gets you drunk without liquor, Never My pouts make you want to hug the life […]


Tiny wings carry the biggest weight A feather can create a balance for multiple sticks Stillness in the air screams the silence of morning chirps Purposeful feet making a beeline for predictions Shooting star on the other side of the globe makes promises For shoemakers, the breakers Verticals become horizontals, everyone is a rabbit Sleepy […]


I tried to count my woes But can’t seem to put a number on it I was never good at maths I wish I’d paid more attention in class Been good if not great at it They said you don’t need maths in life,  much They were wrong If x is your pain And y […]

Writer’s plague

They all love me so that they Can feature in a poem Not like I’m Plath or Woolf But fame comes quicker with a dome So in their hearts of heart they pray To make the grave my only home And claim immortality through me While a restless dreaded soul I roam

Hello. I hate goodbyes.

Feeds on my soul this One word that claims me In a slow purposeless death Like a child on his first Day at school The fear of abandonment, Mammoth like, hijacks My entire being (Bye rhymes well with die) There should be No goodbyes Just hellos Leave; but turn back once And say hello

The Wall

There is something between us As plain as day, or the greens on A child’s untouched plate    This space, empty as a hand That catches wind or Love in the absence of hate   Nestled between us, resolute as a Suicide bomber, this wall, its  Existence eager to satiate

Good boy

My jests are lost on you, On your fur weaved with realism Like a tic it pinches, you scratch With a look of Chaplin   Now I have lost in you My humour and my interest Why don’t you just patch Your virtues with one sin   Sit! Good boy.  

Not Tonight

Not tonight, I will write not now First the words will torment, Build in me like lava created By a to and fro motion; White warm lava that will leave Me with no choice but to release What is hidden in the folds of my Proverbial skirts in a flow Until then, good night, I will […]