A Poet’s Dream

Someday someone will say I have waited for you all My life, now stay I would purse my lips, he’d Smile, you know I’m yours, You’re mine Darling we’d sway to the song Of forever, our second coming Would make melancholy tremor I’d be right behind you come What may, I’d do everything As poets […]

Ipso facto

It’s a business deal, ipso facto, A trade, a barter; all you do is Pay in kind for what I give— Let’s start with a kiss Perhaps a little caress Soft and slow descent of hands Perhaps we explore a little See if the deal feels right and Then take a leap of faith Before […]

Your Name

I take it one syllable at a time Savouring every phonetic impulse Swirling it in my mouth like wine And then letting it escape in whispers (Bated) Sometimes in moans (Fulfilled) But most often I release it With perservering faith As if I own it