Without You I Am

Nothing I’m nothing without you But just a bag of skin and bones A set of eyes without a dream A smile without the touch of happiness A child’s sleep without a lullaby A valley without the water of desire A memory without the anchor of time A long dreary night without the kiss of […]


I don’t want you to go Not yet, not now, if ever Every time I convince myself This is the last time I will Commit a sin with you I create a new abode of fire Yet I don’t care I want to be your Eve Convincing you to eat the Forbidden fruit of my […]

Trojan Horse

When I loved you, the moment, the day, I knew I signed on a blank sheet of parchment Dark days ensued— sullen, hollow, Like a Trojan horse, after birthing deception, Wind whistling through it, children playing in Its carcass, it’s worth lost— The instant you touched me, the moment, the day, You wrote my death […]