Emptiness Haunts

I have an empty heart, in its emptiness only sighs echo The world is full of din and full of life, unlike… *sigh* People talk to me, I respond in mirth, only my inside withers Far away sits a couple, fingers entwined, eyes glimmering stars— My nights are starless, moonless, dark; even my days dwindle.


Silent whisper, bold talks, were everywhere When I entered this land of yours Ten maidens undressed me on the threshold Purified me with two petals tantalizingly warm Rubbing on mountains and valleys alike “You’re rare, you belong here on your thrown” A spout that served dream wine emerged and I drank; yearned for more and […]

Master of Vile Things

Teach me how to unlove You seem like a master who knows Shower me with the indifference But before, make me a sponge Touch me callously and perhaps Make my skin rough, unfeeling Skin a bird alive while it sings Put needless in a kitten’s skin Eat your heart a bite a day Make someone […]

Break Free

There’s smoke around people A strange kind of din No one is capable of goodness A queer stage they are in I’ll have a bit of what they’re having No more screams in my head I’ll forget we existed No more sorrow or dread Wake up sleeping prisoner, break free Day is for mourning it’s […]


You were a stranger the minute you said, “listen…” The portcullis of my forte was drawn up Guards placed on each tower; armed, alert—                                     Your farewell speech fell on deaf bricks             […]

Tree House

Climb the tree of wants to pluck the fruit of desire Swing from each branch, Darwin’s creation, and Let Inhibition take control of skin and bones, then Let your real self prostrate to another, until you find (Your way) home