“Droid you very much”

“Hello, I’m a new person

I shed off my old skin

Dated indeed

See, there * points *

It’s porcelain, this one

It is suppose to be

In fashion, anyway

It came with it’s own

Set of moods, y’know

Nothing sullen; just smiles,

Coquettishness, etcetera

See *opens box*

Ah yes, that, my friends, is

A detachable heart

It is goodness oh-so-

Expensive a purchase

Rare, no one has it but

A handful of bluebloods

Fool, an antique of course

Has feelings and all

Adorable! A collector’s item that

I can wear it if I please

*chuckle* Like I ever would

I’m a new person

Less human, more droid”


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