Terminally ill is a person who cannot control What he or she or it feels, and for that alone Put ‘em down, put ‘em down Excruciatingly numbing is the feeling of not Feeling anything at all, nothing at all Wipe that frown, the world’s a clown Horrifyingly hypocritical is this want that neither Dies nor […]

Delusions Intact

Words, when I pen them and you read, Or rather search for yourself in the depth Of my poetry, sifting through the reefs Looking, wanting, demanding your presence To you every letter a resounding echo of an us that was Proper syntax of a bond that made you my muse Each comma the pause between […]

helium balloon

when i inhale i think if this is how you feel while making fog rings i smile wondering if you smile on the same things that tickle me sifting through the clutter of my mind i find you, perhaps you find me the same way and in that connection we collide, coexist as one the […]

Random Normal Smiles

A brush of gold, diamond caves The voice of a bulbul on repeat in grey Cry me a river for a thing so plebeian Never Things are at random in normal ways My eyes are as of now the driest place The world has compromised my dream?                                      Never   No matter what […]


Go home to the comfort of your bed Where the wrinkles get created by you and her And while in her arms tell me your desires Hands on her, exploring, creating heat that sets me on fire; In ungodly hours, sometimes, come to me With her perfume, her rouge, Claiming want with the speak of your […]


I Amusing how a regular kind of ping Can invite butterflies to create a flight cage Inside of you, pretty little wings of all colours A shade of secret smiles, a tone of in-between II A little bit crazy this tiny little sound *Ping* and all the rabbits come out Hopping over the goosebumps of […]

Life In A Bottle

Sitting atop a wooden shelf in all its pureness, All its promises, seducing with just its presence Toying with me in a manner that makes me wet Penetrating my mind with a little voice of reason Calling my name in a convincing fashion (it wants Me) that little bottle of life only death can conquer